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May 27, 2017, 22:17:49 | See new unread posts
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 on: Today at 20:40:06 
Started by canteven - Last post by canteven
On any level, I can click "Test", and the editor will ask me if I want to save (Yes, No, or Cancel), but no matter what I click, nothing happens, and I always have to manually load up the world and get to that level by myself.

I already set the game path, I'm pretty sure. I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nifflas\FiNCK and selected FiNCK.exe

There must be someone out of the 35-ish active users on these forums who knows how to fix this.

 on: Yesterday at 23:06:14 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by LPChip
Hehe, yup. That is basically my idea. :D

And thanks. There's actually a website that allows you to enter text and it gives you the result ready to copy/paste. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on mobile devices, which is why I haven't set it as displayname here on the forum.

 on: Yesterday at 20:09:13 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by StraightFlame
Golly, that's quite a unique and interesting gun/block concept you've got there, LPChip! I sure wonder how you managed to come up with such a groundbreaking mechanic!

(In all seriousness, though, i think it's actually a fairly solid idea. It grants you just enough extra mobility to not be completely overpowered or underpowered, and i can already see it being used for those good ol' Nifflas-style secrets in quite a few ways.)

(Also, i like what you did with your Steam username.)

 on: Yesterday at 18:38:31 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by LPChip
I would create a gun that can shoot 2 blocks. The first block is labelled A, and the second one is labelled B. (or nice visuals) When you use either, you get teleported to the other block as long as you are in the same room. Of cource you cannot carry the gun while teleporting and you cannot move the teleport blocks either. But if you shoot the gun for the third time, block A is destroyed and respawned where you shoot at.

If you put the gun in your inventory, both teleporter blocks vanish, preventing you from taking the gun with you and get past obstacles that way.

I think it would be best that the bullet travels until it hits something and forms a block at that spot.

That would allow you to collect blocks you otherwise can't get.

 on: Yesterday at 17:39:24 
Started by SilasMann - Last post by canteven
I did some pixel-perfect leaping on x1002x1001 (the grassy room with the pink follower) and managed to get to the cave without knowing the run powerup even existed. I had convinced myself this was the hardest environmental map I'd ever played. :P
Still a very good map!

 on: Yesterday at 16:09:55 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by Nifflas
Nice! That's definitely doable! It's basically just altering gravity and drag, and I can use the bird code to keep it oriented with the right side up.

A possible way to implement "use" would be to toggle this behavior.

 on: Yesterday at 15:01:34 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by StraightFlame
I'd go with a block that has absolutely no momentum and stays in mid-air when you throw it or double-jump with it. It would basically be a kind of platform you can place wherever you want (as long as "wherever you want" can be reached by jumping while holding a block). Once it's thrown, it will move maybe one or two pixels in the direction you threw it, and then immediately stop. After that, the only way to move it is by picking it up and placing it somewhere else.

If it absolutely needs to do something when you use it, here's a slight variation: The block could still be thrown like any other block, but using it activates a countdown like on the bombs, and when it reaches 0, the block immediately freezes in place and can no longer be moved in any way. You can't even pick it up. Obviously it can still be destroyed, though.

 on: Yesterday at 13:31:50 
Started by Nifflas - Last post by Nifflas
So, say I'm hypothetically having more plans for Uurnog, if you were to come up with a new block, what would it do?

It's coded so that each block does something when used, and can also respond differently to each damage type: push, pew pew, explosion, use disintegrate, and stack (yes, weird as it is, use and stack are implemented as damage types).

 on: Yesterday at 03:51:20 
Started by Purple Pineapple - Last post by Purple Pineapple
Added beta 1.0.2 to the downloads.


- Added support for individual level split files (stored in Worlds/[world folder]/Splits.txt).
--- IL split files will automatically bundle with the level when compiling with the default level editor.
--- Split files from the Splits folder will override any individual level split files.
- Fixed a bug whereby the timer would continue to run even if waiting for the speedrun to start.
- Fixed a bug whereby the timer would appear upon loading a save file.

 on: Yesterday at 01:21:09 
Started by SilasMann - Last post by SilasMann
Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the inspect-able items :)

Regarding the ending:
Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

I was so confident that this level was airtight of void screens. You got me C)

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